Scaffolds are used within the construction industry to provide the workers with a safe working platform during construction or renovation work on high-rise buildings. According to the building safety legislation, a competent and knowledgeable person must check the basics of the scaffolding platform constructed by the construction companies. The inspector checks the scaffold correctly for any flaws or problems persisting on the same. If any problem persists, they will dismantle it and inform the construction company to keep the construction on hold for some time.

Although the list is not long enough, a scaffold inspector must check some important points before ensuring that the scaffolding platform is safe for workers. Thus, for the best scaffolding in Norwich, approach professional companies so that you get a secure working platform.

What are the things checked during scaffold inspections?

  • The competent inspector checks the scaffold structure for existing or predictable hazards during the scaffold inspection. The inspector must check the condition of the scaffold and ensure that the same is safe for the workers to work upon.
  • They also need to ensure that the scaffold has been constructed using correct engineering plans and design requirements.
  • The scaffold inspector also needs to check the size of the plates and sills used to construct the scaffold structure. If the plate is not sized as per the regulations, then the scaffold is not a safe platform for the construction workers.
  • The scaffold inspector is also required to check the load-bearing capacity of the scaffold structure before allowing the construction workers to start working on the same.
  • The inspector needs to check the condition, durability and access points of the ladders and stairs attached to the scaffold structure.

Why is scaffolding check important?

Scaffolding might get weakened with time. If erected poorly, it might fall and cause fatal accidents for the workers working in the construction industry. Hence, regular safety checks must be performed to ensure that the scaffold is safe and constructed per regulations.

The role of scaffolding is to maintain safety in the workplace. However, if the scaffold is not properly maintained, the same might cause reverse results. Thus a scaffold structure must be maintained and inspected from time to time to ensure that the structure is safe for the workers.

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