Over time, the use of scaffolding in building sites and other construction fields has increased a lot. Those taking this as a career option must undergo proper training. This will let the trainees gather information about scaffolding techniques. But, the main motive of the training is to let them know about the safety precautions. Even though scaffolding in Norwich is a key tool in the construction industry, there are a lot of prevalent myths about it. Read this blog to learn about the most common scaffolding myths. 

Four Common Misconceptions about Scaffolding 

Myth 1 – Scaffolding is inherently risky

Even if scaffolding has its own set of hazards and risks, it’s not that dangerous. In fact, it makes the job more safe and secure as it comes with a sturdy and stable platform. This allows the workers to stand and lets them perform work comfortably at a high altitude. However, the workers must adhere to safety guidelines to reduce the risk of mishaps. 

Myth 2 – Scaffolding only serves construction purposes 

While scaffolding is undoubtedly a key tool in the industry of construction, it is also commonly used in other settings. For instance, scaffolding is used for maintenance or repair works on bridges, buildings, and other structures or to help with cleaning, painting, or other tasks.  

Myth 3 – All scaffolding is similar 

There is a wide range of scaffolding; each comes with its distinct characteristics. For example, steel, wood, or aluminium scaffolding is used for different applications. Some are designed for flat surfaces, while others are used on uneven or sloped surfaces. Selecting the right scaffolding type is vital to ensure it is effective and safe.  

Myth 4 – Scaffolding is costly 

The scaffolding cost will vary depending on the size, complexity, and type of the project. But, in many cases, scaffolding can be a cost-effective solution. By erecting a sturdy platform for workers to stand on, scaffolding in Norwich can boost efficiency and productivity, helping to reduce the overall money spent. Moreover, as it can be used multiple times, the cost per use is further reduced. 

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