Ensuring safety during scaffolding installation is of utmost importance in a construction site to provide employees with a safer workplace. Regular inspection of scaffolding in Norwich needs to be done to meet the legal requirements. Here’s how often scaffolding should be inspected.

When does Scaffolding Needs Inspection

  • First-Time Installation: As per regulations, scaffolding must be inspected before its first installation to ensure its safety for use.
  • After Installation: Once it is installed, another inspection is required to check that scaffolding isn’t damaged during installation. 
  • Every Seven Days: Scaffolding needs to be inspected every seven days until it’s removed to meet legal compliance. 

Apart from these, additional inspections may also be needed after bad weather conditions as it may get damaged and need repairing before use.

Inspection reports must be completed before the end of the working period and sent to the client within 24 hours. Further, these reports should be kept on site until the completion or a minimum period of six months.

  • Who is Authorised to Carry Out Scaffolding Inspection?

A designated competent individual with the required skills, knowledge and experience to perform this job efficiently can conduct the inspection. They are generally qualified and hold a construction industry scaffolders record scheme (CISRS). However, CISRS advanced scaffolding cardholder is required particularly to carry out scaffolding inspection for commercial or complex projects.

  • Things To Be Checked During Inspection

To ensure the safety of the whole structure, inspectors need to check all the scaffolding components, including the foundation, standards, the base lift, guardrails, ledgers, putlogs, transoms, coupling, bridles, ties, ladders and stair access. 

  • Why Are Scaffolding Regular Inspections Important?

Carrying out scaffolding inspections is essential to ensure its security as a damaged, or bad scaffolding set-up can cause sudden collapse or other severe accidents in a construction site which may injure any worker on site. Furthermore, since the inspections are required to comply with regulations, not being carried out may bring some legal trouble and impose penalties on the company and personnel involved.

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