A good old ladder is perhaps a handy option when it comes to reaching elevated work areas. But, when it comes to safety, ergonomics and comforts, there is no rival of a good sturdy scaffolding. The scaffolding stairs are perhaps the best way to access areas that are high up. As a leading provider of scaffolding in King’s Lynn, here, we have outlined the three most popular and most functional scaffolding options to assist your work.

Three Types of Scaffolding Stairs to Assist Your Work Projects

Let’s look at the three most functional and popular types of scaffolding stairs to assist you in your work.

  • Scaffold Platform Stairs:

The scaffold platform stair functions as a more ergonomic substitution for the scaffold ladder. Here, the platform stairs are usually integrated into the scaffolding via a scaffold bay in front of them. This is a much safer setup for climbing up and down the scaffold. It also does not limit the utilisation width of the scaffold, which becomes a problem when you are using a ladder.

  • Construction Stair Towers

The construction stair tower is the next upgrade ahead from the platform stairs. They are primarily deployed when large amounts of materials need to be transported on the scaffold. Construction stair towers tend to have a load capacity of 2KN per square meter, which is in itself robust. Construction stair towers could be easily adapted to a wide range of applications and they can be easily extended or customised with special components.

  • Public Access Stair Towers

In most cases, construction stair towers can be mainly used on building sites and for a myriad of industry applications. However, scaffolding stair towers could also be used for public access. This stair tower is needed when large numbers of people have to pass a certain point at the same time. They might be used as a bridge to diverge public traffic over dangerous obstacles, roadblocks, or much more. They could also be used as a stairway solution at large events such as concerts, big fairs or other similar public events. Often, there could be a variation of the public access stair tower, namely, the emergency stair tower. Their main function is not only to make the elevated places accessible but also to provide a safe means of access in moments of crisis.

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